This 1953 Senior Harold yearbook for Humes high school in Memphis Tennessee features its most famous alumni - Elvis Presley! A world famous icon just a few years later by 1956, Elvis was hardly popular while attending high school as evidenced in this yearbook. If you check out the "Senior Class' Who's Who" page you'll guess that Elvis - in a class of less than 100 boys - just had to make the list for something, right? 

Best personality? NO. That honor went to Bill Bishop.

Cutest? NO! That went to Chris Kolives.

How about most handsome? NO! That goes to Gene Bernard.

Most popular? No way, that was Gene Gann.

Who is most likely to succeed? Not Elvis. That was James Thomas.    

Elvis, considered one of the most talented man to ever live, had to be the most talented in his small high school class, right? No! Unbelievably the most talented senior award went to Bernon Yarbrough.

The most popular girl of his senior class was Gloria Trout, who just happened to be the original owner of this yearbook. Because of her popularity, everyone wanted and did sign this book for her, including Elvis who wrote "Best of Luck to a very pretty girl, remember me, Elvis Presley". Not sure if Gloria remembered Elvis back in 1953 when he signed this yearbook or even gave him a second look since she was so popular in high school and Elvis,... was not. Still, this inscription is remarkable either way, not just for his quote, but due to the fact that Elvis signed his full name "Elvis Presley". While Elvis signed high school yearbooks are extremely rare, this is the only one known to exist where he signs his full name.

This is a true piece of American Rock 'n Roll, AND American history. Comes complete with a Letter Of Authenticity from PSA/DNA. 

Signature: Blue Ink Pen

Size: Approx. 8" x 11"

Authentication: PSA/DNA Letter of Authentication

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Item # 0064 - Elvis Presley - Signed 1953 Yearbook - PSA/DNA

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