It was the beginning of "The end" when Jim Morrison and " The Doors" performed one of the most talked about concert in the history of rock music on March 1st, 1969 at the Dinner Key Auditorium in Miami, where he was charged with exposing himself to the crowd of more than 10,000 fans.
This  "Witness subpoena" Document reads "This notarized subpoena was submitted by the defense to prove that the above pornographic films permitted in the city of Miami-Pales in comparison to Morrison alleged actions while in concert there on March 1st 1969".

This important Document was the defenses attempt to obscure the charges and affectedly have it dismissed, however that motion was refused by Judge Murry Goodman who checked the "denied" box and signed with his initials on September 19, 1970. This document - stamped for Authenticity by Dade County Florida Court Clerk J.F. McCracken - was the center piece of the Dade County Florida Court Clerk case -  #692355 - where Jim Morrison was found guilty of "Open Profanity" and "Indecent Exposure" on September 20th, 1970 and sentenced to 6 months in a Florida Prison.

While out on an Appeal Bond, Morrison fled to France to avoid that Prison Sentence, and never returned to the United States. Stressed out and in fear of his pending Prison time, Jim Morrison is found dead in his Paris apartment on the morning of July 3rd, 1971 from heart failure due to a Heroin overdose. Like many other rock stars of that era who's passed before their time,- including Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin - Jim Morrison died at the age of 27.

Frame Size: Approx. 19.5” x 18”
Authentication: Dade County Florida Court Clerk Stamped and Notarized


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Item #0265 - Original Court Document For Jim Morrison's 1970 Court Trail on Charges of Profanity and Indecent Exposure

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